Thursday, September 24, 2009

Duggo Pujo poem for my 1 year old daughter Mohor

dugga thukur diding-ding.

dhaki bajae diding-ding,

singho nachhe diding-ding,

ashur tao diding-diing.

kashor baaje tin-tinga-ting

lokhhi nache diding-ding!

ghonta tao tring-tringa-tring

soroshwoti diding-ding!!

kartik dada diding ding,

meye dekhe diding-ding,

gonesh dada diding ding,

khachhe khabar ding-dinga-ding!

dadu nache diding-ding,

nati bole diding-ding,

sobai mile diding-ding,

duggo pujo ding-dinga-ding!!!

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